Pros and Cons of Both Bathroom Models

Admin/ July 2, 2021/ Home Improvement

Bath RemodelWhat is a bath remodel anyway? A bath remodel usually includes a new bathtub with either a shower or a separate tub fixture. This enables one to take a normal bath or a quick shower in the very same room where the original bathtub was installed. There are usually five bathtub/shower configurations available:


Of course, there are many other options when it comes to bathroom remodeling. One of the most popular and least expensive options for a complete bathroom remodel in Spokane involves tearing out an existing toilet and installing a new freestanding toilet, sink and vanity. The downside to this option is that the plumbing and electrical work associated with this setup will be necessary. In addition, it will require that you first locate and then secure the plumbing and electrical sources for your new fixtures. Even so, this is still considered to be a fairly simple bathroom remodel on average.


You could also opt to have a completely new bathroom layout constructed, but that would increase your overall cost substantially since labor costs would likely increase along with your building fees. However, if you opt to have a bath remodel in Spokane, you can save significantly on labor by opting instead to purchase new shower surrounds and a bathtub or two. Additionally, by removing and replacing those fixtures you eliminate the majority of the plumbing and electrical requirements that go along with building a new bathroom.


You may also choose to replace your existing toilet and replace it with a new, low-profile fiberglass bowl-toilet with built-in flushing and a one-piece drywall construction. A one-piece construction allows for a flush-able bowl and comes with a seal to ensure no leaks are possible. However, if you elect to purchase an older style conventional toilet, you might still want to consider purchasing a fiberglass reinforced plastic wall and liner. This particular option will provide you with the ultimate in waterproofing, durability, and longevity and will work just as well for a bath remodel in Spokane as it does for traditional toilet use.


One of the key benefits of incorporating a bath remodel in Spokane is the level of design flexibility that you can enjoy. While it’s true that most bathroom designs come standard with tile and sheet rock walls, you can still make a significant difference by choosing unique tile designs or even creating your own custom-designed walls. There are several pros and cons associated with each approach. Tile is extremely easy to install and can greatly increase the perceived value of your home. On the other hand, solid wall construction provides a higher level of insulation and functionality and is much more durable than the cheaper alternatives.


Although the pros and cons of both options may seem overwhelming, the trade-off for increased value and convenience is worth it when you decide to go with a complete bath remodel in Spokane. When deciding whether you should opt for a traditional model of white porcelain toilet and cabinet or fiberglass reinforced plastic wall and liner, you should also consider a number of other features such as flooring type, cabinetry style, door type, countertop type, and more. Although there are numerous other elements involved with bathroom design, these two primary choices are the most important and can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

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